Edenbridge Bonfire

Edenbridge Bonfire


The annual Edenbridge Bonfire celebration is held on the nearest Saturday to 5th November (the date of the infamous Gunpowder Plot of 1605) and is by far the biggest event in the Edenbridge calendar. The Daily Express calls it “the World Famous Bonfire Party!”

The 2024 event will take place on Saturday 2nd November, starting at 6.30pm with a torch-lit procession through the town. As tradition dictates, this is led by the bishop of the bonfire, his choirboys and the Society’s effigies (Guy Fawkes, General Wolfe and Anne Boleyn, with her head tucked underneath her arm!). They are joined by teams from visiting Sussex bonfire societies, along with many brightly lit carnival floats, costumed walking parties, and marching bands.

Everyone then makes their way to the local Recreation Ground, Lingfield Rd, where fairground rides, stalls, and resident DJ keep everyone amused during Kent’s oldest and best traditional fireworks display starting from 8.30pm. During the show, two huge 10m tall effigies (Guy Fawkes and the somewhat more recent 20-year tradition of a ‘Celebrity Guy’) are demolished by a mixture of gunpowder and flames.

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