Children’s play areas are located in Stangrove Park (up to 8 years – pictured), Lingfield Road Recreation Ground (up to 12), and Park View Close (4 – 12) but the kick about area and kit outside the fence is for all ages. The playground inside the Spitals Cross estate (off Farmstead Drive) has recently been refurbished, and is designed for early years up to 12 and includes multi-sensory play.

In addition, there is a play area on the green at Marsh Green (4 – 12).

Also check out the Street Snooker and games area to practice ball skills at Stangrove Park (click here) and the skate/BMX park at Blossoms Park (click here).

The town has well-maintained parks and open green spaces for casual recreation, plus the Millennium Wood at Mowshurst. A variety of sports are played at the Lingfield Road Recreation Ground and cricket at Blossoms Park.

Spitals Cross playground                                                Lingfield Road Recreation Ground

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